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About Me




I’m Ankita, a UX Designer currently based in Qatar. I’m passionate about consumer tech. I love creating user-centric designs which align businesses with market forces.

My background in Technology gives me some skills in product strategy, business analysis and UI Testing. 2 years of sleeving up in start-ups gives me the ability to think of new ideas. As an ex-entrepreneur, I feel easy to empathise with founders, product managers and their dreams.


All of my past professional experiences help me to understand customer pain points and the latent needs of the business. As a UX Designer, I want to make simple and easy-to-cut-through designs which stand out in the crowd with a statement.

When I’m not designing, I enjoy sketching, reading, travelling and spending quality time with my son. 

Let's discuss how I can add value to your team and product :)

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